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Winter Maternity Photoshoot Inspiration ❄️

A winter 🎿 photoshoot is a beautiful way to commemorate your pregnancy journey. If you're expecting a baby this winter, consider these ideas for an incredible maternity shoot:

  • ☃️ Wear a turtleneck dress or sweater that highlights your bun-in-the-oven against a snowy backdrop. Layer your look with fun scarves, hats, headdresses, or muffs.

  • ❄️ Pose with holiday decorations like snow globes, pine cones, candy canes, or even pretty poinsettias for festive shots. Think of displaying your bun-in-the-oven next to lit Christmas trees as an event or different gatherings to show a montage of your pregnancy throughout the season.

  • 💙 Select cool-toned outfits in shades of icy blue, silver, or frost white that accessorize the winter scenery. Add in metallic fabrics for a little dazzle.

Don't forget to stay warm between takes! Treat yourself to hot cocoa ☕, warm apple cider and hugs in between.

  • 🌨 Stand under your open coat or wrap a knit blanket around you while flurries gently fall. The peaceful setting beautifully captures the illusion of motherhood and the calm before the storm.

  • 🎁 If you'll be quite pregnant and ready to pop over the holidays, pose sitting on a wrapped gift box with a red bow wrapped over your bump.

So, join with me and meet your fellow Fearless Moms. Let the celebrations begin here at by joining a class or enjoying the experience of a support service today!

I'm here for you.

Abundant blessings,

Tomesha ❤️

Godmother to Millions

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